New Extra Large Nike Trainers

Finally if you wear a Nike 15 trainer or larger, 16 or possibly 17 then we have those sizes back in stock from the largest supplier of trainers in the world… Nike!

Our starting size for large mens Nike trainers is 13, 14, 15 , 16 and 17. If you are from Europe this may be equivalent to an EU47, EU48, EU49, EU50 and EU51. A couple of styles that are already available for Autumn 2015 can be seen below in the Air Max Audacity in Black and Royal.


Large Nike Mens TrainersLarge Nike Mens Trainers

Other new styles from Nike include additional colours in the Nike Nightgazer which is a smart casual trainer available in Nike 13 and Nike 14. Some trendy colours as well which look very fashionable with jeans.



Don’t forget there is still sometime to book a summer holiday and if you do end up going somewhere warm why not try our extra large flip flops/ sandals from Nike. No need to let your extra large feet burn and we have some styles available up to size 17!!

Call our help line on 01332 272 451 and we will be happy to help.