Still struggling to find the solution for ‘Big Feet’!!


It’s been a while since we explored this topic but we regularly get emails, telephone calls and enquiries through our Jonathon Charles Big & Tall Menswear stores regarding these issues. In short ‘YES’ we do supply big size mens shoes and large size mens trainers. Our mens sizes include 12, 13, 14 in most product lines and then mens size 15, 16 and 17 in restricted lines.


However, we do find that this particular shoe from POD in style ‘Chester’ is a classic style but also provides a little fashion for large men with big feet. Alternatively, we have just received some new fashion items in big mens sizes 14, 13 and 12. Large Mens Shoe - ChesterThe new range from Paul O’Donnell in style Dallas is definitely something that our clients should look at as they do provide a fashion look as well as some alternative colours from the traditional black and tan that you tend to see in mens larger clothing stores. A dark navy and classic bordo colour are available that will look great with big mens jeans.


Away from the new big mens formal shoes we have also received new stock in large mens nike flip flops. Available in slip-on or traditional ‘thong’ style. Some guys find these a little irritating between the big toe and the index toe. We stock these styles in mens 13, mens 14, mens 15, mens 16 and mens size 17.


Nike have also delivered in new spring/summer ranges that are available on the following link.


We hope this helps with your search for big mens shoes and larger mens trainers and if you need any further assistance then please feel free to get in touch.