Large size coats

As the weather start to have that crisp feeling in the morning and we know it won’t be long before the autumn leaves will begin to fall. It’s now that we suddenly have to think about getting those clothes out of the wardrobe that we have not put on since early spring.

Already the need to get the old trusty large coat out from the back of the wardrobe.


If the trusty old denim jacket is looking a bit sad you might want to look at our Duke, D777 TRUCKER large size denim jackets that you can purchase up to 6XL. These are on a special ONLINE deal only follow this link to find out more:

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There you will find large size jackets to fit all shapes and sizes, from all-weather jackets, to classic country tweed jackets to keep you warm in complete style. Whether your choice is a super snuggy hoody or a trendy hooded parka you will find the style for you.