Large Size Jeans

Large size jeans for big men and extra tall men here at Jonathon Charles we specialise in suppling quality, comfort and a perfect fit. Mens jeans and men are like bread and butter you can’t have one without the other.  As with most types and styles it is sometimes very hard to get a got fitting pair of jeans for larger or taller men.


With our vast experience and relationships within the plus size market place we are able to offer you superb quality and a range of sizes and fittings in large size jeans that will ensure you a comfortable and perfect fit.


With large size jeans from Duke, Bruhl and styles like stone washed and many are available in extra-long sizes and waist up to 56” – 60”.


So whether you prefer classic jeans or stone washed jeans or large size cargo trousers you will find the perfect choice in our collection of big size mens jeans.

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