Big and Tall Suits, Big and Tall Jackets, Big and tall trousers.

Although dressing casual in a good pair of Jeans or Chinos and your favourite t shirt feels relaxed and comfortable, nothing feels better than getting dressed up in a quality suit or even a dress suit with dinner jacket or if you prefer a tuxedo.Many of us also wear a suit or jacket every day to meetings and to the office.


Putting on a well-made quality suit or jacket can really make you feel like a million dollars and ready to take the world on.Our Jonathon Charles brand of large suites, large jackets and large trousers are made from the finest British and European cloths and fabrics, and tailored to be a perfect fit for big and tall men. 


We have been supplying large men’s clothes since 1887 and we have very experienced designers and tailors creating high quality Large Suites, Large Jackets, and Large Trousers to ensure the best fit possible.


Very often when purchasing a new suit we hunt down the prefect style and colour only to find that the trousers are too short or the jacket is too long or not long enough. We have created our Big and Tall Mix and Match Suites with different fittings for the Jackets and the trousers.


Although you can pick a jacket of one fitting and trousers of another fitting the finished suit will be perfectly balanced offering a perfect fit.