Fashion is about clothes but style is what you do with them. You have to know what suits your body by knowing your body type and then adapting your clothes to it, instead of trying to hide it. Ideal for Big and Tall men.


Here are some basics, it’s not a universal science but it works pretty well for the majority of us and stylists recommend it… So which clothes for which body types? Find your body type and discover what is the best for you.

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Here we have a superb article on how to make sure that you are picking the right colours.

One of the most important things in fashion is how to match colours. That can be a nightmare if you don’t know these little tips. 

First of all, let me give you a short introduction. In general, colors have different tints (or called pastel which means some white has been added) and shades (black added), you can choose whether to use a shade or a tint depending on the style you want to give to your outfit. 

Another precious information is that there are 3 primary colors: red, blue and yellow which are always a safe bet, you can rely on them! They can be toned down for a more casual look and less eye-catching, satured to look electric and funky… you can opt for a red and blue outfit with a yellow touch on accessories to get a perfect and trendy look!

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