Large size winter coats

Yeap, it is that time of the year. It’s cold and it is going to get colder. You should by now know that the way to keep warm is to wear layers. Starting with a good under layer and finishing with the most important top layer.

When it comes to the top layer, the coat. What are the most important attributes for good large size winter coats?  I would think the obvious thing to look for would be warmth and water resistance. But really is that it? I think not.

Ok you are in a specialist large size menswear shop and browsing through the winter coats and winter jackets. What is it that make you pick one out to try on?  Yes, it’s the way it looks. The colour, the style, that little something that makes that coat different to the rest.

Although warmth and water resistance are our top needs for our new winter jacket they are NOT the first thing that makes us chose a winter coat or winter jacket from all the others.  So when you have chosen a jacket and are looking to try it on, take a couple of minutes to see what it is made of. Will it be warm, will it keep the wind out and will it keep me dry in a down pour our heavy snow.

For me a good winter jacket or winter coat (except for a formal coat) must have a good warm hood. It is amazing how much warmer you feel when your head is covered.